Artist imagines what “General Lee” would look like in 2020

An Instagram artist who goes by rostislav_prokop made a render of what “General Lee” would look like if the car was made in 2020. Rostislav took bits and pieces from a modern-day Dodge Challenger and Charger.

While the front and the sides look like a modern day Charger the rear fenders resemble a Challenger. The back of the car has the Dodge Charger real taillights with a modified rear bumper. The car is lowered on some multispoke chrome wheels with some low profile tires.

With the added wide body kit he was able to fit some wide tires which fit the wheel quite nicely. The car even has the controversial confederate flag on top and the numbers 01 on the side to make it a full tribute car. With the hood scoop and the front splitter, the car has a pretty mean look.

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