Are you checking your Rideshare for bedbugs? You might want to start.

Bedbug infestations have been a problem in the United States for a while now. Some of the worst cities for bedbugs are D.C. first, then Baltimore, Chicago, L.A., and Columbus, Ohio. With ride sharing becoming more popular the spread of these tiny pests is becoming more and more common.

Usually the bugs are spread though luggage and although rare they can sometimes hitch a ride on people. With people sharing cars it’s easy for the bug to drop off in a car and multiply. A pregnant bedbug can reproduce 300 bugs in less than three months. If they just so happen to follow you home from your evening ride it can spell catastrophe.

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An exterminator our of Dallas Texas says that he gets 5-10 ride share cars a week that either need to have a pest terminated or for preventative measures. To kill the bugs he places the car in a tent and turns the heat up to 150 for a few hours. For a smaller fee he can spray the car with a pesticide in hopes that it kills all of the critters.

So if you do use a ride share program be sure you check yourself and the car you are getting into. Otherwise you might have an unwanted friend hitching a ride to your house. Do you use ride sharing programs? Leave us a comment below!

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