Are mall car giveaways real

Have you seen a nice car sitting in the middle of your local mall. In your head you probably thought, hey I could win and be driving in this nice ride. You along with most of the other people walking by are probably thinking the same thing.

The question is ,are mall car giveaways real? No they aren’t. At least the free car isn’t real. Have you ever heard of someone winning a car in a mall giveaway? Probably not. We did some reasearch and discovered the underbelly of the whole marketing scheme.

While the “Giveaway” promises that you could be driving away in the car that is sitting before you it’s always best to read the fine print.

What is a mall car giveaway?

A mall car giveaway is a marketing scheme to get your information. Typically you sign up with your name, email and other personal information that the marketer can use to send you advertisements. In some cases the fine print will even state that the car before you is “simply an exmaple”, it is not actually being given away.

The marketing company pays a rent fee to the mall so that their giveaway is seen by mall-goers. With the enticing headline of “Enter to win a car” people are bound to drop their name in the hat. I mean if you genuinely had a chance to win a free car why wouldn’t you at least put in your name.

Although, these “giveaways” aren’t genuine. At most you won’t receive a car. You might receive a gift card to McDonald’s.

Will you actually win a car

No, you won’t win a car. Know what you will win? A 90-minute timeshare presentation. You know, those vacation rental scams that people try to sell to your grandparents? The ones where you have to pay a service fee a year to spend a weekend at the place.

The “Giveaways” are just a hook to get you in so they can try to sell you a timeshare. On the other hand, they might be trying to sell you a different service. Sometimes the cars which you see in the malls are just vehicles that the marketer has rented for a few weeks.

After they get enough people to market to they return the car to the rental place or dealership. You don’t actually win the car. So they may still promise you that you’ll win the giveaway. Although after sitting through the presentation they’ll tell you that you actually won a gift card to a restaurant. The downside is that your time i gone and the gift card is only good on orders of $100 or more. Seems like a scam to us.

What will marketers do with your info

This is pretty self explanatory. Marketers will use your info to sell things to you. From magazines subscriptions to As seen on tv products. Once they get you in the door you better get ready for some mail in your mailbox. We all hate getting those spam calls. Well you may as well just told them to call your phone even more.

Are there are real car giveaways?

As a matter of fact, there are real car giveaways. Places like Omaze give real cars away. They also give away dream vacations and other exciting stuff. Plus you can feel good about entering because the donations go to a good cause.

If you are wanting to get something for entering you could enter an 80eighty giveaway. You simply purchase an item on their store and you get an automatic giveaway. They give away dream cars and loads of cash.

Unlike mall giveaways, Omaze and 80eighty are both credible and really give away dream cars. No sitting through a shady presentation just to find out that you one some free chicken nuggies.

In closing.

Mall car giveaways don’t really give you the car of your dreams. If anything you’re selling your information. If you want to enter for a real chance to win real prizes check out 80eighty or Omaze.

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