Are car keys waterproof?

You’re at the pool on a hot summer day. You jump in the refreshing water. Midair you remember that you still had your phone and your keys in your pocket. You quickly get out of the water and try to dry them off but it’s too late. Or is it? Are car keys waterproof?

Just like most electronic devices car keys are not impervious to water. If they get submerged or too wet the chip that’s in the key fob might be fried. Car keys tend to not be waterproof. If you do happen to get one wet you might need to get a replacement. From the dealer this can usually be pricey.

car keys holding

If you want peace of mind at the beach or at the pool you can get a waterproof pouch. This pouch protects you important electronic devices like a cellphone or key fob. It’s inexpensive and it’s insurance that could save you the big bucks. Have you ever submerged your car key? What did you do?

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