Angry neighbor vandalizes Mustang because it was too loud.

No those aren’t scoops of vanilla ice cream. We all know those pesky neighbors. The ones who are always in everyone’s business. Or the ones who constantly complain about everything. If you are a car guy hopefully you don’t have to live around people like this.

One man had to repair his car after a whining neighbor took it upon himself to vandalize his car. The Mustang GT which has been fitted with a 5.0 has a distinct sound. They car definitly sounds good. At least to some.

The owner Aaron Robinson found a note one day from an angry neighbor. In summary they were complaining about the loudness of his car. The neighbor took it upon himself to fill the exhaust with foam insulation.

The note said,

I finally found you! You want our attention. You don’t want our attention. You have 14 days to fix the mufflers or put the stock back on. Don’t egg us on or you will only regret it! We encourage you to call the police, install _______, nothing will work. Middletown police is 513-424-7700. Fix your muffler!

Luckily Aaron was able to clear out the exhaust. Although the exhaust tips may not be salvageable. He did have a borla exhaust, but this shouldn’t warrant his car being damaged.

What would you do if you caught someone doing this to your car? Let us know in the comments below!

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