A Youtuber let a fan drive his car which he then crashed

Most car guys don’t like others driving their cars. You never know what level of driving skill the person has. In addition you don’t know if your car is going to be returned in the same condition when it was loaned.

One Youtuber found out quickly that you screen who you let take your car. The Youtuber, Cameron Lilly, met a one of his fans. The fan asked if he could drive the Youtuber’s Honda S2K. The guy supposedly said that he drives a stick shift car so he was given a chance.

Although things started to seem a little sketchy after the guy chirped the tires from a dead stop and was constant missing shifts. He was asked to make a u-turn which took a turn for the worst. Without looking he tried to make a U-turn before running into a motorcycle coming the other way.

The motorcycle rider was sent to the hospital and the newly restored S2k was badly damaged. Needless to say be careful who you let drive your car.

Cameron Lilly

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