A woman in Australia found an eight-legged friend under her car’s door handle

Believe it or not, spiders are not the most popular creatures on the planet. There is just something about the set of eyes and the eight legs. While they do help lower some of the populations of other insects we rather not see them around.

One woman was getting ready to drive her car. As she reached for the door handle she noticed something hanging out in the handle. At first, she thought it was a hairy caterpillar.

Although it turned out to be a large hairy spider. It’s our guess that the spider is related to the Huntsman spider family. These are known to be venomous. Although they mostly just scurry away rather than bite.

Australia is known for having some of the most extreme species of animals on the planet. If you’ve ever watched a documentary on wildlife from Australia you may never want to visit there.

The woman who owned the vehicle ended up not driving for a week after the arachnid encounter. Lucky for her she stopped just in time to notice that furry friend.

What is one of the craziest animals you’ve found in or on your car? Let us know in the comments below!


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