A Woman bought a used Nissan Leaf for $13k. Gets quoted $121,000 for a battery replacement.

When you purchase a new or used vehicle you expect it to not have any major issues. There might be a few repairs for a used vehicle but nothing too big. Buying from a Buy-Here-Pay-Here lot is a whole other ballpark.

One woman bought a lower miles Nissan Leaf for $13,000. Although after a few months the remaining range number kept changing. Because she never knew how much range she had left on her vehicle she got “Range anxiety.” She was constantly in fear that she would randomly run out of power while driving around.

She contacted her Nissan Dealer and requested a quote for a new battery. The battery would have to be imported from Japan so the dealership quoted her the replacement price of $121,000. With the price of the replacement being more than 9 times what she paid she searched around for a used battery.

The average cost of used batteries in her area was $14,000. The dealership who originally quoted her $121,000 stated that it was an error. Although they didn’t state how much it would actually cost. They instead updated her car and it fixed the problem with the battery range not being accurate. Would you pay $121,000 for a battery replacement in your electric vehicle? We would consider it if it was a McLaren P1 or other hybrid hypercar.


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