A well known Holden dealership in Australia just switched to selling Fords

With the Holden brand recently being dropped by General Motors you would think that any Holden dealership would go out of business. Although one of the most well-known dealerships managed to stay afloat.

The Suttons Holden dealership is located in Sydney, Australia. They have been around since 1943 but managed to secure a deal to sell General Motors vehicles 5 years later. Years passed they expanded their dealership.

The Suttons started selling Kias and Nissans which worked out pretty well. In fact, in 2020 General Motors began shutting down the Holden brand. This in turn shut down some factories and hurt a lot of dealerships.

Lucky for the Sutton Holden dealership they managed to stay afloat. In addition they just secured a deal to start selling new Ford vehicles. While this isn’t the first time a dealership has switched brands it is pretty big to switch from selling Chevys for 50 plus years to converting to the blue oval.

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