A reporter was fired after he sat on classic cars and dinged doors.

It’s common courtesy to respect other’s belongings. If it was something that belonged to you it would be better that people avoid touching or damaging it. Well a CBS reporter is getting rained on by an internet firestorm after he had a complete disregard for other’s property.

Angel Cardenas who was reporting on live television was helping to promote the Sacremento California International Auto show. During the airing he says that he and the event coordinate are the only people in the building. Angel states that he has no one to talk to about the car. So what does he do? He decides to jump on a yellow vintage Ford Thunderbird. He lays on the vehicle which does not belong to him with his shoes on the paint. That’s just the beginning.

He then said that he feels like a kid in a candy store. He goes to enter a 50’s thunderbird when he swings the door open too fast and dings the car door into another vehicle. He tries to play it off and instead of reporting the issue he jokingly says “I hope nobody is looking.”

This terrible reporter then decides to run over to the new car section of the show. He talks with an attendant, we’re assuming the coordinator, and she states that a nearby vehicle is he new Ford Hybrid SUV. She list some specifications and they pan out to view some more cars.

At the end of his segment when you think things can’t get any worse he decides to jump on Ford’s new Hybrid SUV. How can this guy be so dimwitted? The camera switches back to the study where the newscast is shocked by his actions. Soon after the news station released an apology to the auto show. Luckily the reporter was fired.

What would you do if you caught someone jumping on your car?

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