A pickup crashes through an airport in Florida.

Cars and airports go hand in hand. After your plane lands you have to have some way to get around. Whether it’s taking a taxi or renting a car the experience is usually the same. Although on one day people experienced a man in a pickup crashing through an airport in Florida.

The crashed happened about 3am on December 19th. The night before police had been looking for the driver of the GMC Sierra. There had been reports that he was driving erratically on the highway before the accident. The truck broke through a fence that was surrounding the area. He traveled down the airport service road and plowed straight into the baggage area of the airport.

He then crashed into the car rental desk before coming to a halt. You can see in the video below as the woman reacts to the sound of the truck. The truck then comes into her view and she darts for safety. Luckily no one appeared injured but the crash was estimated to cause damage near the $250,000 dollar mark.

Source: WWSB

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