A man’s car exploded due to an air freshener and a cigarette

car explodes cigarette aerosol


  • • A man’s car exploded due to an air freshener
  • • He had sprayed too much and lit a cigarette



Usually action movies are what you watch to see car explosions. The controlled pyrotechnics can be exciting. Although you would probably be surprised if you saw someone’s car explode in real life. Let alone if it was your own vehicle and you were inside. That’s what happened when a man’s car exploded due to an air freshener.

A driver was sitting in his car and by the reports he sprayed an excessive amount of air freshener. While doing so he never opened the windows to help air out the vehicle. After that he chose to light a smoke. Therefore with the combination of the flame and the aerosol disaster hit.

The West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said,

The fumes exploded and blew out his windscreen, along with some windows at nearby business premises,… The owner fortunately sustained only minor injuries but this could have been worse.

The car exploded destroying the car’s windows and body. Luckily the driver is ok. Above all it goes to shows that you can never be too careful when you have an ignition source and fuel nearby. Good thing he didn’t have gasoline stored in his trunk like this lady.

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