A Guy rolls a tire down a hill and causes a motorcycle to crash

Driving a motorcycle is dangerous in itself. You can be the best driver on the road but you still have to deal with stupid drivers. From people not checking the intersection to others swerving in your lane there are always risks when you ride.

There is no need for people to make it more difficult for riders. Although one man managed to cause a motorcycle to crash. In San Ysidro, California a rider was driving his Kawasaki Vulcan 500 down the I-5 freeway.

A man who was on the top of a nearby hill decided to roll a wheel towards the interstate. The wheel went speeding down the road as drivers swerved to avoid getting hit. The rider of the motorcycle tried to react but it was too late.

He ran into the wheel which caused him to fly off of his bike. Lucky Servando Lopez, who was driving the bike, was fully geared. His gear protected him from getting any serious injuries. While Lopez managed to film the whole incident by the time police arrived the criminal was long gone.

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