A guy in Russia made his own Tesla Cybertruck replica

Replica cars are all the rage. For a third of the price you can own a Lamborghini…replica. They actually do a good job copying most of the cosmetic features of the car. Some replicas are based on a Pontiac Fiero. They mold and create the the panels to match the real thing pretty well.

One driver in Moscow created a Tesla Cybertruck replica. It’s easy to see that it’s not the real thing. The dimensions are off. In addition, it’s likely that the car is being driven by a combustion engine. The Tesla Cybertruck dumbfounded the internet. You had mixed reviews with people hating and loving it.

If you remember they had the breaking window mishap where someone threw a metal ball at the “unbreakable” window. Turns out it didn’t hold up to the title. Still it’s cool to see that someone put in the time and effort to create something like this. How do you feel about this Tesla Cybertruck replica? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Credit for the video below goes to sukhotin.m on Instagram

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