A Dodge Charger pulls a Mustang and runs over a crowd

People like showing off their cars. For car enthusiasts our cars are an extension of ourselves. We modify them and make them unique. This is one of the best parts about car culture. Although at times showing off can go too far.

There has been a trend online that has been trolling Ford Mustang owners. For some reason it seems like they are always crashing into crowds. In all likelihood there are plenty of different cars that crash as much as Mustangs do. Although the crowd killer Mustang trolling has taken the internet by storm.

In our story today there isn’t a Mustang involved. Instead there was a Camo wrapped Dodge Charger showing off after what appeared to be a car show. He pulls into the middle of the road and does a burnout.

At that point there weren’t any pedestrians around so who cares if he burns a little rubber? Although he quickly lost control and drove forward. He ended up hitting a crowd of people and knocked them off of their feet.

It doesn’t appear to be any major injuries. Even so the guy decides to flee the scene for fear of getting a ticket or being arrested. Have the Dodge Chargers become the new crowd killers? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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