80eighty vs Tunercult. Which one is better?

Have you ever seen the online car giveaways? 80eighty vs Tunercult are two of the biggest giveaways out there today. Although, you may be wondering what the difference is and which one is better.

With 80eighty vs Tunercult based on the BBB reviews, 80eighty is superior. 80eighty is A+ accredited with a rating of 3.52/5. Tunercult on the other hand is not BBB accredited and has a rating of 2.48/5.

While we will try our best to remain impartial and give information based on the facts we feel that we should mention that we are an affiliate for 80eighty. With that in mind, we’ll try to do a fair comparison and you can decide for yourself which giveaway you’ll want to enter.

What is Tunercult?

Tunercult is an apparel and accessories shop. They hold car giveaways to market their products. If you purchase stuff on their site you can be entered to win cool cars, cash, or both. Depending on the giveaway the prize changes.

What does TunerCult sell?

TunerCult sells clothes and accessories. This includes shirts, hoodies, pants, hardware, accessories, car parts, and more.

What is 80eighty

80eighty Supra Ferrar 480 GTB giveaway

80eighty is also an apparel and accessories store. They host car and cash giveaways to market their products. When you purchase items on their site you are automatically entered to win. Depending on when you enter you can get multipliers on your entries This allows you to get even more entries per dollar spent.

What does 80eighty sell?

80eighty sells t-shirts, hoodies, accessories, car detailing products, decals, banners, and more.

How do you enter?

Whether it’s 80eighty vs TunerCult they both have similar ways to enter. You simply go to their shop and purchase some of their products. When you do this you get automatic entries to win. By law, they have to provide you with a free way to enter which can be found on the Official Rules page.

Although, if you want to get the most entries for your time them spending a few dollars or more will get you automatically entered. You don’t have to worry about filling out any paperwork or mailing your one entry in.

What are the typical prizes?

TunerCult Past prizes

At the time of writing this post, TunerCult has had 22 giveaways so far. These prizes included a NISMO GT-R and $60K, a 2021 Supra and $40K, McLaren 720S and $60k, and a Nissan GTR and $40k. There are more past winners which can be found on their site.

80eighty Past prizes

80eighty Nissan GTR giveaway

At the time of writing this post, 80eighty has had 48 giveaways. A is a list of a few of the prizes,

2019 Nissan GTR and $40,000

Lamborghini Huracan 580-2 and $60,000

2020 Toyota GR Supra and $40,000

2016 Widebody Nissan GTR and $40,000

McLaren 600LT and $60,000 CASH

2020 Subaru WRX STI Limited and $40,000

and more. You can see the rest of the winners here.

What are some reviews

Tunercult reviews

Levi R ★★☆☆☆ – 07/29/2021

“Trust me don’t buy low quality and expensive. You’ll regret it”

Nicholas C ★★★★★ – 07/19/2021

Their product quality is good and I always receive my items within a week or two. ************ I ordered is awesome! The best part is I’m entering into a ********** also get a decent product out of the deal.

Andrew S ★★★★★ – 06/29/2021

No problems at all, i drive truck OTR I love tunercults products, The shirts are comfortable with great designs and most of all they fit and i mean fit correctly i wear a 2x and have never had a shirt fit quite this well hats off to their suppliers, and hats off to TC thx for doing what you do!

Robert B ★☆☆☆☆ – 05/25/2021

It’s a sham. If it takes over a month to process and ship my product, something is wrong. Should have an out of order or at least temporarily until back in stock. Going to support 80eighty now because at least their shit comes on time. Very slow and poor communication from customer service as well. Overpriced!

JSchultz13 ★☆☆☆☆ – 05/14/2021

Very unprofessional. Made me wait 3 weeks on my order just to tell me that they “Weren’t restocking a shirt” and they couldnt give me a refund in any form. Very little communication on the order . This company is a scam.

80eighty reviews

Lindy_Elizabeth ★★★★★ – 06/21/2021

So far I am very pleased with the products I ordered. They let me know every step of they way via email when they received my order, started preparing it and shipped it. My items arrived in a timely manner and are of good quality. I often shy away from buying clothing from the internet because or poor quality, but 80eighty.com is for sure a favorite of mine now. Very happy!??

THOMAS W ★★★★★ – 03/29/2021

I have bought several shirts, socks, etc. I love the feel of the tank tops. Good quality. Orders arrived in a timely manner each time, too.

Nicole W ★★★★★ – 09/07/2020

Super happy with all of the products I’ve ordered and recieved so far. Quality is very good and hold up after several washes. I highly recommend their products and will continue to be a loyal customer.

Jared B ★★★★★ – 09/07/2020

Great product thank you! Came to the address fast and on time.

In Closing

80eighty lamborghini huracan

While the argument was 80Eighty vs Tunercult only one can be the winner. Both offer similar products and have similar prizes. If you’re interested in entering a car giveaway then you could choose either option. If you want to join the giveaway that has a better rating and better reviews then 80eighty is the best option.

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