16-year-old took his dad’s mustang and doubled his $500 street racing.

Most car enthusiasts love racing. Although street racing is illegal most of us can say we’ve done it at least once. There’s nothing like lining up on a back road with another car. Lighting up those tires and seeing who can make it down the stretch faster.

Well a 16 year old from California decided to get his feet wet in the street racing scene. His parents were out of town so he stole $500 and his dad’s red fox body mustang. He drove to “Mexico” with his girlfriend and decided to line up with none other than a Cadillac CTSV.

The two cars heat up their tires. You can first hear the whine of the supercharger on the CTSV. In addition you can hear the twirly boi on the mustang spool up. A turbo ford vs a supercharged chevy, what can be better? The drivers put up $500 and line up.

From the video above you can see the light and the mustang shoots off like a rocket. The CTSV is seen trailing the stang all the way to the end. It’s easy to say that the mustang driver knew what he was doing. Now he’s $500 richer. What’s the most you’ve won racing? Let us know in the comments below!

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